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  1. Hi guys Ive been awol for some time and have stayed away from simming. When I was last active MSFS was fairly new but had quite some bugs. I currently use P3dv4. After seeing video and screenshots for MSFS I think I would like to make the move. I am looking at purchasing either a rtx 3080 or 3090 later this year to help. What is everyone doing these days withn their platform? Are more people heading over to MSFS? Take care
  2. Hi Donka, No fans at the front. Only the top and the rear of the case
  3. Thankyou Renault for your input. My Antec1200w power supply is more than 3 years old. I only intend on having either the 3080 card installed. I will be selling the 1080ti. I have attached some pics of my tower and fans. Do you think this is enough cooling? There is also a cooling system attached to my Maximus Hero 11 motherboard.
  4. Yea I think the 3080 will do it. I am hoping the 20gb card are available for christmas.
  5. Hi everyone, Could I get some advice. When a new graphics card comes out I usually go out and buy the best of the best without thinking. Now Im older and these 3090 cards are extremely expensive I think I need some help.. I use my PC for predominately Flight Sim (P3dV4 currently) but will move to MSFS2020 in the new year. I also play the odd game (Red Dead Redemption, GTA5) along with doing some video editing. My PC specs are as follows... I9 9900K Installed Ram 16GB Antec1200w Power Supply GeForce 1080TI graphics card Acer Predator X27 4K Monitor After doing some research I believe the Asus Rog Strix 3080 10gb should give me over 30 FPS and a smooth sim all round? Again Im no expert. I believe the 3090 would be great for 8K gaming but I wont be looking at that for some years to come. 4K is fine at present. Is there anything else I should take on board? Thanks for reading
  6. Hi guys, Please have a look at these pics, They are taken at night at YPMQ (Port Macquarie) Is there anyway I can fix the lighting both inside and out? Or is this how it is at night? During the day the view is brilliantly but night time tells another story.
  7. It looks mind blowingly good. Surely this is a gee up?
  8. As I mentioned previously, I have a huge amount of Orbx stuff along with Aussie Airports, A2A planes, PMDG planes, Active Sky, Chaseplane, GSX. Because of space I do not keep the installers. Once I download these products I delete the installers from the download folder. (I do not have a large c Drive) All installations go into my E: drive with all my P3d stuff. Will I have to re-download and install everything again or is there an easier way?
  9. Thanks for all the input guys. I think I will forge ahead with the purchase.
  10. Hi guys Alice Springs at night with an A2A Cessna.
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