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  1. On the curved part of taxiway F1 towards the GA Apron there is some stretched asphalt textures. Pretty minor to most things here but should be added to the list of bugs to fix in a later update.
  2. I've been working off & on for a few weeks now enhancing Dirranband, an hours drive south from St George.
  3. Ok thanks. Would just posting the image be allowed and only mentioning that I am enhancing the AU v2's version of the airport.
  4. My post titled "Dirranbandi Patient Transfer" was deleted and I'm not entirely sure why. I had another quick glance at the rules and couldn't see an obvious rule that I had broken. My guess is that it potentially either had something to do with the aircraft being in RFDS colours & mentioning patient transfer or that I mentioned that I was enhancing the airport as freeware that I intended to release exclusively on the Orbx forums here. Possibly because the post showed some Orbx objects (all of which were in AU v2's version of the scenery) with me only moving them around to match the satellite imagery (all I did was import the object file into ADE, didn't add the libraries & I had to work guess which objects were which)? (check the post below, I did try to ask) deleted post below. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/205021-dirranbandi-patient-transfer/
  5. Spent a few hours enhancing the outback airport, Mitchell. I think it turned out pretty well!
  6. In Prepar3D v5 at Orbx KSUN, there is a massive bump in the runway just past taxiway B6 and before the FBO. It jumps the aircraft up at-least 3 meters. When using the Detect crashes and damage option, the jump then sudden fall of out the sky causing the aircraft to crash and head back to the default scenario at Randolph. I've tried both the recommended 5m mesh settings in P3D as well as the 1M mesh, both resulting in the bump at the runway still being there. What is possibly related to it is the PAPI lights are below the terrain also. I've tried reinstalling the product multiple times with it being constantly there even using separate aircraft models.
  7. There are quite a few airports that haven't seen any updates for Prepar3D v5, will we see these airports eventually receive an update? I ask because I remember hearing that Turbulent had ceased operations and many of the airports without an update are theirs.
  8. YPCC Cocos (Keeling) Islands Airport: Taxiway Signs are in the middle of the taxiway and appears that there are too many of them. YPLM Learmonth Airport: The Civilian terminal model is missing - objects are floating above where it would be. YWMC William Creek Airport: (This is not an Orbx airport however it appears this was included in V5 when LM added & updated all default airports) The Runway is floating and the parts that are not floating are raised 50ft above the rest of the ground. - I believe this is a Orbx Australia V2 mesh issue conflicting with the default P3D airport.
  9. At Alpha airport the runway disappears at half the angles when close to the departure end of runway 36. I am running Orbx Australia V2 v2.1.2 with no conflicting scenery (ozx / ant didn't do this airport). Below is a video showing the runway disappearing. c12d392f0a938ef360a07133659ea39f.mp4
  10. On the main taxiway at YGDI/Goondiwindi in Queensland there is a cone in the center of the taxiway. There is not one there according to satellite imagery and it blocks the taxiway either-way.
  11. central.log Operating system: Win10 Latest Simulator: P3Dv4 (XP11 Also Installed) Screenshot: Issue: Orbx Central 4.0.39 using 12/16GB of ram when idle. I checked Orbx Central a couple hours prior and had left it open and once I had open Prepar3D, I wanted to turn down the settings due to I had it higher for a different region of the world but when it was loading the scenery library I was notifed I was out of ram, I checked Task Manager and noticed that Orbx Central was using 11GB of ram. Central shouldn't had being doing anything and after closing Central via the show hidden icons Central was still using 12GB and it appeared there was a hidden process by Orbx Central? After opening another instance of Central the ram usage went down gradually to only around 700mb.
  12. Textures are from Rex Worldwide Airports HD. They are from Texture Set 11.
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