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Found 13 results

  1. In Prepar3D v5 at Orbx KSUN, there is a massive bump in the runway just past taxiway B6 and before the FBO. It jumps the aircraft up at-least 3 meters. When using the Detect crashes and damage option, the jump then sudden fall of out the sky causing the aircraft to crash and head back to the default scenario at Randolph. I've tried both the recommended 5m mesh settings in P3D as well as the 1M mesh, both resulting in the bump at the runway still being there. What is possibly related to it is the PAPI lights are below the terrain also. I've tried reinstalling the product multiple times with it being constantly there even using separate aircraft models.
  2. This little flight starts in KSUN Friedman Mun. Classical Orbx design, is there anything to miss? Oh yes, I missed the chance to land at Lukes Wood Medical Center! Okay, let´s do some mountain flying over the hills (no canyon turn, though)... ... to U87 Smiley Creek, ... ... 02ID Morgan Ranch, ... ... and 24K Krassel Base. Remember the mission to find the lost plane and rescue the pilot? The weather in the mission was much worse, and the way to McCall much more difficult to find. I always liked this approach!
  3. Following Snake River southwards out of Jackson Hole we can see the Teton Range in its glory. At the Palisades Reservoir... ... it is time to turn right... ... and descend towards Idaho Falls. This is called "Hells Half Acre Wilderness". May it be a lava field? Here we come to the Buttes, beginning with East Butte. The physical part of the lesson: Atomic City. I wonder if it glows green or blue in the night? More natural is Big Southern Butte. Out of this planet: The Craters of the Moon, ... ... on the way into Sun valley... ... and to Friedman Mun / KSUN.
  4. A nice late afternoon flight from KSUN to KBZN in the trusty old steed. This particular aircraft was retired from the CP Air fleet in 1974. It was a cloudy start out of Friedman but things cleared up by the time we reached the ski slopes south of Bozeman Short final on the visual approach into 03 at KBZN - a nice short taxi to the ramp. All done for the day - now to head into town for dinner and a brew or two...
  5. Hi, I am experiencing shadow artifacts on the ground at KSUN. It only appears on the ground texture in between the runway and taxiways and nowhere else. It disappears when unchecking the Shadows - Simulation Objects [Receive] checkbox. Any ideas? Thanks Ben
  6. According to charts, KSUN airport has windsocks placed all over the field. However I can't find a single one within the airport area. Is this an issue with my installation or did you forget to place them?
  7. Using Orbx's Sun Valley and Yellowstone airports to fool around using two ATC programs simultaneously. This is an IFR flight in a Embraer Phenom 300 using ProAtc/X and Vox-Atc. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Was wondering if someone could confirm that KSUN only has 4 parking options (N, S, S Helipad, and SE), is that correct? Had a terrain issue (that's now corrected) the second time I loaded up this airport and noticed only those parking options. I ask as Little Navmap shows 41 parking spaces at KSUN (as well as the fuel), but saw a previous article on this and am now a tad confused. Anyways, just wanted to confirm that this is correct and that I don't have another issue with this gorgeous airport. Thanks!
  9. Climbing out of KSUN in the DA-62...
  10. Hi, I just installed the new KSUN but when selecting parking spot 1 (small airplane) it places it underground (see picture). However, if I select active runway as start position elevation is fine. Any ideas? Thanks... Correction: my fault, I was loading it from PlanGv3 that allows me to choose parking spot 1, if not using PlanG but P3D directly this parking spot is not an option.
  11. Hello all! I'm delighted to show you Turbulent Designs' next airport, which is now entering BETA stages! As you are probably aware, KSUN will be a P3D v4 exclusive. Although it's not a PBR project, we did take advantage of as many v4 features as possible. Lets start with the coverage area, then I'll show you around the airport and its features. Coverage Area Beautifully edited and colour matched by Greg Jones, Friedman Memorial Airport includes 715km2 of 60cm per pixel photoreal for the airport and valley. This mountainous area also includes 1ID5 Lukes Wood River Medical Center Heliport for those wanting to take a little more time to explore the valley. Buildings and Vegetation KSUN will feature buildings and vegetation textured by Russ White in high definition and stunning detail. As attention to detail is key, we like to treat every airport area as a feature area, built with exploration in mind. Not only will the airport look stunning from your aircraft, but it will look even better up close and personal. We recommend everyone have a wander around! Airport Terrain Model KSUN also features dynamic season textures using v4 native scripting. Modelled and textured by myself, the airport terrain is where most of the new features are located. We opted to model the entire airport area as a mesh, giving us the opportunity to create a sloped runway, different levels in terrain, an insane amount of detail with some cool weather and lighting effects. Effects include realistic oil, reflective puddles during the winter and rain, icy runways and taxiways during snow and even the reflections of lights in puddles at night time. Custom Buildings As always, we also like to include our custom modelled buildings for a nice buffer between the airport and autogen. All of the custom buildings are highly detailed with plenty of variation, giving those urban and industrial areas a nice natural look! Here are a few more screenshots: KSUN Friedman Memorial Airport will soon be available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $24.35 / €21 / £18.50) We really hope you enjoyed the preview. KSUN will be with you very soon! Thanks, Turbulent Designs
  12. Purchase Orbx FTX Global for an early Christmas Present on special and I love it
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