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  1. Hello, I am keen to purchase this add-on, but already have a whole bunch of PNG freeware from Flightsim.to. Would this add-on clash with those freeware? Is there a way to let both co-exist together? Those PNG freeware were done really well, but your creation is even better, and I really hope to have both. Please advise so that I may decide on the purchase. Thank you.
  2. Please ignore this post. Was testing unknowingly with a slight wind, even though set to clear sky. The Fox works beautifully.
  3. Just bought the Freedom Fox via Xbox and found that during takeoff, the plane veers to the right instead of the left. It should be to the left for clockwise turning prop, needing right pedal to correct. Can someone please shed light on whether this is a bug? Thanks.
  4. Thanks much folks. I increased TextureMaxLoad from 3 to 15 and now it is all loading fine. Thanks!
  5. Just changed to a brand new PC and Reinstalled everything. All is great, but this issue of black buildings and runways showed up. Followed advice here exactly, but still problem exists. Tested at KPSP and some other Orbx airports. Using P3D V5.3. Any advice much appreciated. Edit - I must say that when scene first loaded, everything looks normal. It is only after taking off and turning back that some buildings textures and runway textures showed as black. Running on Asus ROG Ryzen 7, 3080 GPU. Most settings maxed out. Able to get 30 fps most time.
  6. I have numerous Orbx regions and airports installed, and my P3D V5 H2 is set with almost all sliders to max. Orbx flying mostly butter smooth at 30 fps. But whenever I approach for landing at some of Orbx airports (eg L35, KRDD, etc.), some stuttering would set in, usually of half to one second long. Is there any setting that I can use that would get rid of the stuttering? Flying even just above airports and most of the surrounding near airports mostly very smooth, constant 30 fps. It is only when approaching near approach end of runways that the stuttering sets in. Hope to have advice on this. Thanks !
  7. Thanks again Nick. I just realized there is another fix -- move the huge Orbx backup folder to the D drive. Had forgotten that it was on the C all along. So now I have reclaimed back a nice piece of hard disk estate !
  8. Thank you Nick. Will look into that. My C Package Cache has grown to HUGE size and there is rather little space left in C. Should I delete that cache or move it to D drive? Read online that better to move than delete, but would have to do a mklink the old path to the new path. Is this method of moving safe? Anyone has experience in this? Thanks!
  9. I have recently installed P3D and would like to gradually transition from FSX over to P3D (both installed to D Drive). Had purchased numerous Orbx regions and airports for FSX, but whenever I Uninstall regions from FSX (in D drive), while D drive space increased, the C free space *DECREASED* ! Also, whenever I install those purchased regions over to P3D (in D drive), the C space Decreases too ! My C drive is SSD and has very limited space. What can I do to INCREASE the C drive free space? I would like to eventually move most Orbx regions to P3D, leaving only a few at FSX. Any advice most appreciated.
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