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  1. I'm seeing this as well but having all the components on the same version hasn't helped. Anyone else find another solution?
  2. Seems like they aren't. The East Santa Cruz strip, e.g. isn't really there, except for a sort of blurry brown patch with too many elevation changes to make it suitable.
  3. On these remote stands, the VGDS isn't lined up with the parking spot. This is incorrect, at least according to aerial photos.
  4. See the screenshot. Even after using the Insert function in Central to push everything Orbx below the lowest other third-party scenery, Global remains near the top. Is that ok or could that cause issues?
  5. I see a pretty big hit sitting at the A gates and panning the camera west. Even turning off PBR doesn't really help.
  6. Thanks. While you're at it, it looks like AAL also needs a parking spot.
  7. I've gotten one NTDLL flying into BUR and one kernelbase crash just loading into BUR--anyone else getting these?
  8. Yes, sometimes the Fedex spots are available and UPS will park there. Otherwise, they'll park at the PAX terminal. If Orbx added a UPS parking spot like there exists in real life, it won't be a problem anymore.
  9. There's no parking space for UPS, so if you have AI traffic with UPS it'll park at the pax terminal The pushback tugs located at some of the gates should be deleted since they're not realistic for this airport. Same with all the FedEx trucks.
  10. Anyone else seeing their runway textures disappear at some camera angles? Even just sitting normally in the cockpit they disappear. Alex
  11. I know this is an old thread but I have this issue near KDEN 35L and a few other areas around the field: I originally posted it at FlightBeam because I thought maybe it was an issue with their scenery but it's openLC. My original thread on FB: http://flightbeam.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=3082 Alex
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