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  1. Flight from Edinburgh to Glasgow. I didn't take the most direct route and made a few circles in the sky above some places before arriving at my destination.The weather was a little more difficult at the start than at the finish.A flight that ends well. I will take the opportunity to compliment Daniela Rodríguez Careri for the sounds design.My god ! After having cut the engine of the 172 and after opening the door I was swept away for a quarter of an hour by this incredible external environment. Simply Magic! Simply magical also it's TrueEarth.
  2. Here I am again in this incredible atmosphere. This time departing from Leeds Bradford with a northwesterly direction and of course a return to the starting point. The weather was again difficult and the challenge was up to it.I even scared myself with this change in visibility but I took some risks at low altitude to admire the effects of colors and some beautiful rays of light. I also installed ShadeX with small adjustments.
  3. Thank you, The atmosphere is unmatched natural and the sounds are truly extraordinary. X-P12 will be great.A lot of charm...It is my sim.
  4. Departure from Exeter for about an hour flight, the weather was difficult all along and the turbulence was sometimes very important. It was an incredible flight. I enjoyed every second of it.Light effects, shadow effects and cloud effects was fabulous.
  5. compared to my series on the surroundings of miami (So Natural.So True). Here the weather is mild and stable. I also noticed that the color of the sky is not the same here, which adds an extra dimension. The mountains are magnificent. The cessna is stable and a little heavy on the controls, but the fun is there. I was a bit high on the glide path when I arrived at Seattle airport. I am always impressed by large airports.
  6. Thank you I especially hope that they will continue this essential series.
  7. One hour local flight with live weather.I have never met more beautiful live weather on a simulator. What an amazing TrueEarth scenery!
  8. Thank you . I have to make a comparison but it doesn't bother me...I spent 20 hours a week using msfs 2020 for two years without going back.I bought X-Plane12 for the support of the team and also out of curiosity.My first impression honest and without marketing politeness is that X-Plane 12 has less of the "Playmobil" effect.MSFS is extraordinary thanks to its aerial images which cover the whole world but there is a huge imbalance . Big points to improve. -MSFS : Weather and Clouds (Live Weather). A mess . For me it is not good at all / X-Plane 12 (Live Weather) : Good with better balance with variations depending on temperature and different weather conditions. Mist effects are variable. There is still work -MSFS: The luminosity rendering in bad weather (Live Weather) too dark. High altitudes (Live Weather)too white / X-Plane12 :The luminosity rendering in bad weather Much better (Live Weather) and to white in hight altitude. -MSFS: Color of the earth in many conditions (live weather) pistachio green color and others whose names I don't even know./ X-Plane12: Much better.With Orbx TrueEarth or Ortho it's very realistic we have the impression of being there.True harmonious color.It feels good. -MSFS : Too much blur and the absence of autogen at too short distance but are the reasons for high fps/ X-Plane 12: More sharper at long distance, no blur effect.Try to zoom with msfs and then with X-Plane12 you will understand immediately but heavier on X-Plane FPS. -MSFS: Taxiing behavior of aircraft on the ground too sensitive / X-Plane 12: Planes are heavy I love it! There would still be a lot of things to say but I will stop there.This is my personal feeling only. We have on one side a modern simulator which lacks realism because of its imbalance and on the other a classic simulator full of realism thanks to its balance and with Ortho or TrueEarth use. overall MSFS looks prettier overall but with an undeniable GTA effect and X-Plane 12 is much less pretty but with an undeniable realistic effect. Anyway the best simulator is in my head... I couldn't resist posting a photo of Fresno Yosemite Airport (Orbx) 29R with X-Plane12 and the gorgeous Citation X.
  9. Thank you. X-Plane12 test flight.
  10. Thank you. Citation X included dans X-Plane12.
  11. Hello Jack When I take a photo I freeze it, I immortalize it .I stopped the moving action of the plane and the smallest moving particle that surrounds it. " Stop Time" For a hopefully easy example. If I take your picture when you drink a beer, I would get the impression every time looking at the picture that you drink one.
  12. @Anna Cicognani Hello Anna. I don't want to be boring or too long and I don't want to overdo it either.But TrueEarth with X-Plane12 is simply outstanding. I'm really not afraid to make comparisons. Life is an endless comparison. Better : Color, Sharpness, Lod distance,Shadows, Brightness... It is the amazing qualities of this fabulous blend.Subtle magic happens, and it makes all the difference. I wish you a great day Anna.
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