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  1. so this is just like ftx trees. so for us with orbx regions whats the point of buying it if its not gonna change the autogen even tho it looks better than the region ones?
  2. so its not gonna change the appearance of the downtown LA buildings or San francisco? i do gotta admit the night textures might be a game changer from standard yellow lights of all buildings
  3. foreal? can you send me your settings so i can i see ? or just tell me what your pta urban night light settings are set too and the autogen emission settings
  4. But they learned from their mistakes already i dont think it’ll be the same this time around
  5. Im pretty sure microsoft is aware of orbx the best scenery developers although orbx night lighting is badd lol
  6. how do you make your lights look like that? are u using black marble or just the regular orbx light configurator?
  7. does anybody know how if its possible to turn off bloom in the cockpit but not outside? like by changing the aircrafts cfg or something?
  8. if i get a 9700k ill come back and post
  9. well i like testing with aircraft that have g1000 cuz the g1000 is an fps killer so i tested out with the corvalis, im sure with better optimized aircraft ill gain more fps but actually i figured it out i just have to turn down autogen all the way to normal and draw distance to high or medium. so somehow even tho the cpu isnt being fully utilized at all times autogen is still impacting fps thats what i got out of this. now im hovering around the 25-30 which is smooth for this area and this is with road traffic and air traffic at 10 which is pretty sweet so i hope this helps some of you out there. the 4790k just isnt capable enough its to time to upgrade to the newer ones so they can handle the autogen
  10. once again i find myself in the forums over this region particularly LA im clocked at 4.5ghzat unlimited and my average fps is 20 lol i checked my cpu usage in hwmonitor and its never at 100% i upgraded to a rtx 2080 thinking my gtx 970 was bottlenecking me but no obviously we all know its the amount of autogen but is there any reason why this area is so heavy even tho my cpu usage is normal? any ideas? even with all traffic at zero im stuck at 20 fps
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