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  1. And, for the love of all that is wholesome, Idaho True Earth! I'd buy that 10 times. Bush flying mecca! But, yeah, Colorado too! Why not include Utah, to have a bridge? Anyways - please! More True-Earth Western US for X-Plane! :-D
  2. I'd kill for some expansion of the Western USA TE-sceneries for XP. Idaho, Utah, Colorado in particular, but everything inside of PilotEdge-coverage is good. I never fly outside that coverage anymore - haven't done so for years. I bought the Florida TE just to support the developers, but I haven't flown there yet, much though I'd love to...
  3. I agree. This whole area needs a True Earth. I fly ONLY in PilotEdge-territory, and many others are too. :-D (also, Idaho is a bush-plane heaven)
  4. I've been on the test group for the SimVenture-event, and I've used the scenery. It's good, and more than good enough to navigate and enjoy the event. The airport is stuffed with detail, but the important landmarks around are also included. It's about on par with the freeware scenery standard from Orbx. A Payware airport would be expected to be much better, of course.
  5. Of course, now is the time for Orbx to step up to the plate and release a brilliant Payware airport/scenery for both XP and P3D. It’s always been wished for, now it’s needed....
  6. Oshkosh is un-cancelled! (At least for us simmers) https://www.pilotedge.net/pages/simventure
  7. Yeah, I'd so very much pay as well. The stock airports are often awful, and we are all spoiled, aren't we, with good renditions. The freeware airports often had a nice flavor and personality to them. So, "light payware package", is something I absolutely "can haz". Or free. Don't mind that either. :-)
  8. Given the fact that LM's P3D is well established in the addon-community I expect it to be only short delays before compatibility is in order (if any). Also, to speak of FS2020... I can't wait. But I have to. It's not out, and most likely will not be out untill very late this year, if not next year. P3D v5, however, comes next week. I'll put my money there for now. (and why not support several simulators - no need for a war. X-plane is brilliant too, and it is out now for all to play) :-) Exciting days locked in my sim-basement... :-P
  9. This is a surprice for us civiians. Let's hope the masters at Orbx aren't surpriced.... Source: https://www.prepar3d.com/home-slider/2020/04/115906/ Froogle commenting:
  10. I'd also very much love San Luis Obispo as a full airport addon from Orbx. I fly on PilotEdge, and there is always traffic there, and I'm sure an up to date and well made airport would be lovely for us all. (and one hopes for Oceano as a bonus airport). :-)
  11. I’m 35, and very happy to see that all the older bodies here have young minds - that makes me look forward and at the same time enjoy the time here and now. Flight Sim makes me a babbling nerdy kid - so don’t get me started!
  12. I find it interesting that they are even asking about the reaction IF they decide not to involve 3rd party addons. Is this still a valid question? For real? Haven’t they learned that lesson?
  13. Lod14 with seasons for me. Thanks for considering the option! :-D
  14. I set FTX Central to download The full suite of Global-products, as well as 5-6 regions and 10-15 airports. Prepared a meal and came back to configure and fly. Easy. Now the only thing lacking in the Global is Mesh. If Orbx had their own mesh product it would be easier - only install for the needed regions and not having to mess with the 15 zips I get from FS Global these days... So, Orbx... any plans to complete the Global line-up with your own mesh? I’d buy it, for sure! :-)
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