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  1. They've been teasing True Earth for XP12 quite recently. I'm relatively confident that the release of that product requires some of the upcoming updates to XP (to make ortho behave properly). Given Orbx' close contact with Laminar, I'm sure these things are connected. So when XP-12.0.10 comes, I have a feeling that Orbx will not be far behind with a bunch of new stuff that really can show off the simulator. https://www.facebook.com/orbxsystems/posts/pfbid02zbspoMyyBiae5FQVNob9AL3UwMEp3TWdSP2iu7yqT5RifKPkX7N9cXGe62Kduay2l
  2. And, for the love of all that is wholesome, Idaho True Earth! I'd buy that 10 times. Bush flying mecca! But, yeah, Colorado too! Why not include Utah, to have a bridge? Anyways - please! More True-Earth Western US for X-Plane! :-D
  3. I'd kill for some expansion of the Western USA TE-sceneries for XP. Idaho, Utah, Colorado in particular, but everything inside of PilotEdge-coverage is good. I never fly outside that coverage anymore - haven't done so for years. I bought the Florida TE just to support the developers, but I haven't flown there yet, much though I'd love to...
  4. I agree. This whole area needs a True Earth. I fly ONLY in PilotEdge-territory, and many others are too. :-D (also, Idaho is a bush-plane heaven)
  5. Lod14 with seasons for me. Thanks for considering the option! :-D
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