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  1. I'll just add, that if others are reading this thread and are seeing similar issues, please chime in below and let us know what you are experiencing. That will help us gauge the scope of the problem and get a better idea of what's causing the issues. Thanks! -Scott
  2. It's not based on any logic, just my success with that method on my own installation. I created the textures for Buildings HD, but the Orbx core team created the installer, so my knowledge of the installation mechanics is not the best. I've done some more testing with various combinations of BHD and addons installed both in the core P3Dv5 directory and in libraries, and I'm seeing some issues too. However, Ben, it's odd that you're now not seeing any BHD textures at all... I'm having issues with some of the EU regions, but PNW, OLC, and Global areas are showing up just fine. I'll work closely with the Orbx team to try to come up with a solution, but for now it's clear that P3Dv5 has changed something that's affecting how building textures are called. Again, sorry for the trouble; we'll try to figure out a solution soon. Thanks, Scott
  3. Hi Maurizio, I don't see any problems in your shots. Those buildings that you circled are the complex "library object" buildings which add more variety and realism to the buildings in the scenery. The ones that you circled are the improved buildings that were created by Bill Womack and included in Buildings HD. If you compared P3Dv4 and v5 together, you will find that those buildings are the same. So all appears to be well -Scott
  4. Hi Ben, sorry for your trouble here. I spent the day testing with P3Dv5 (I've been having trouble getting it running myself; lots of memory issues even after the hotfix, so testing has been difficult). I was able to replicate your issues (or similar) when EVERYTHING, including BHD, was installed to the root simulator directory. However, once I migrated BHD to a library, all issues seemed to correct themselves and BHD textures appeared as they should with any combination of Global Base, OLC, or regions (including SCO and ENG). Could you perhaps try installing BHD to the root P3D directory, and then migrating it to a library? Let us know the results; we're trying to troubleshoot these issues, and I know it's frustrating. Thanks for your patience! -Scott
  5. Hi Dave, Yes, a version with both 2K and 1K reduced sizes is in the works. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience. Cheers, Scott
  6. Hi Amord, Buildings HD doesn't modify vegetation in any way, so I don't think that product would be the culprit... To be honest, I don't really see any obvious issues in the screenshots you posted. What vegetation exactly are you talking about? Your autogen trees in the background appear fine to me. And the grass near the runways is faint but discernible. How do you believe it should be different? Just trying to figure out what the exact issue is to perhaps find a solution... Thanks, Scott
  7. Hi Tom, Are you referring to Trees HD? If so, Trees HD doesn't add any new types of trees where they didn't already exist, it only improves the appearance of the tree textures as they already exist in the sim. So it is not designed to add new palm trees to Florida, or change the seasonality of trees. That being said, what addons are you using for California? In our Northern California and Southern California regions, we minimized the trees that lose their leaves in fall, and mostly used evergreen California scrub oak varieties for the broadleaf trees to give a realistic year-round green appearance for the vegetation. There are also numerous date palms and fan palms used in the urban landclass types. Having lived in the bay area for 5 years and spending extensive time in SoCal, I personally believe that the vegetation represents the area quite well. I don't sim much in Florida, so I can't speak to the accuracy there... Cheers, Scott
  8. Wow, thanks for the good vibes! I didn't realize that anyone had made the connection between my Orbx work and "FS9 Tree" (side note - really? I couldn't think of a better name than that?? ) But anyways, it's great to hear that you've enjoyed my work through the years; very nice for a developer to hear! Cheers, Scott A
  9. Thank you for the suggestion Dominique, it's certainly something to consider
  10. Hi TonyD, As Nick said, this is a known issue and there will be a fix in the next update -Scott
  11. Hi Scott, No, Buildings HD doesn't add any additional variation to building types seen in the sim. The building textures used by houses in Alaska are the same as those used in the rest of northern North America (both in default P3D and in Orbx regions). BuildingsHD DOES improve the accuracy to building appearance and detail throughout the world, but adding small regional differences like you described was beyond the scope of the product. Best, Scott A.
  12. Hi Rob, I don't recall JV ever saying such a thing, but I may have missed it. In any case, the autogen buildings don't natively use PBR and I don't believe there's an easy way to implement it. PBR was never part of the original feature list for BHD, and we don't plan on adding it, so please consider it off the table. In any case, I imagine PBR for the hundreds of autogen buildings on display at any given time would result in quite a performance hit with current P3D architecture. -Scott
  13. Hi @dabba , First off, my apologies for not getting to this sooner; I was on a camping trip for the past week and away from my computer. "BLDC2.dds" is the building texture file for the Southwest United States region (Arizona, Nevada, etc), which is what you are seeing in the problem shots. "BLDK2.dds" is what is supposed to be used for the UK, so with your fix applied the textures do indeed now look like they're displaying properly. In all of your shots, the roofs are displaying the proper UK textures, so it looks like all is well there. Since everything is displaying properly until the Horizon photo scenery is installed, it looks to me like the Horizon photo scenery is calling the wrong building texture files. Photo scenery (or any landclass for that matter) can call building textures that aren't ordinarily used by that region, so my guess is that the maker of that scenery included a call for the BLDC2 texture files for that area, perhaps by mistake. However, Nick's shot shows the proper building textures being called by the Horizon scenery.... Perhaps some areas of the Horizon scenery are calling the proper textures, and other areas are not? I don't own that particular product, so I'm unable to do any testing myself unfortunately. And in any case, it appears to be a bug in the Horizon scenery and not Buildings HD, so a fix would have to come from their end and not ours. @Meerkat, As to the texture concerns, as I mentioned before the BLDC2 texture sheet is supposed to represent buildings in the Southwest United States, particularly the typical houses that you would see in the suburbs of Phoenix, Las Vegas, El Paso, etc. In real life, these houses are often very uniform in appearance since the suburbs of these cities consist largely of huge housing developments built over the past 30 years or so (I've attached a Google Maps screenshot of a typical Las Vegas neighborhood for comparison). The houses themselves are almost always beige, brown, light yellow, or white, and usually feature a 2 or 3 car garage. That's the look I was going for in making the textures, but it's an unfortunate limitation of the P3D/FSX autogen system that the same facade is used on all sides of the house, so you often see the garage on multiple sides. All that being said, I agree that this texture sheet could use some tweaking to the colors and perhaps some garage reduction. No promises, but perhaps this can be addressed in a future patch. Cheers, Scott
  14. Hi Caribbflyer, Yes, those buildings are displaying the new Buildings HD textures, and it looks like your installation is functioning properly. As Nick suggested, I invite you to do a direct comparison yourself; you should be able to see that the new textures are much more detailed when viewed up close as in shot #1. Save a flight with a good view of some buildings, and take a screenshot. Disable BHD (assuming you're running P3D4) by going to Options > Add-ons, and unchecking Orbx Buildings HD, and clicking OK. Restart the sim and load the flight you previously saved; you should see the default textures. Take a screenshot and compare the Before and After shots; you should notice the new textures with increase in detail, Ambient Occlusions shadows, and (in many cases) better regional authenticity. I will say that the default Orbx OLC NA textures were already a pretty good representation of North American buildings, but when compared side-by-side I think you will find the new ones to be a definite improvement. Cheers, Scott
  15. Hi all, After taking a couple of weeks off for some (much needed) R&R, I'm back at work and the first order of business is a patch for BHD. I am indeed working on making 1K and 2K versions of the textures, as well as correcting conflicts with some default airport buildings. No timeline for release, but we realize that you're all waiting patiently and we'll do our best to get it out soon Cheers, Scott
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