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  1. Hi Iain, The "not connected to the internet message" popped up for me yesterday some 70% through the process - I believe it's just due to overloaded servers. I tried again late evening hoping European demand had slowed and the update restarted where it left off and finished within the hour. Anyway, good luck with yours. Charles
  2. Hi Doug, Had a bit of time on a wet afternoon and managed to find the single bgl file that is causing the problem my end. It is plc_legacy.bgl. Just disabling this file allows me to load with grasses enabled, but with dynamic lights unchecked, much as you see. I am guessing it's a placement file for some legacy objects. I must be missing some of these, but the bulk of the scenery is there and looking very fine. Hope this will be of some help to Finni. Charles
  3. Couple more checks, NZ North Island version of airfield is fine, version of Orbx NZGS for P3Dv4 works perfectly and, on the face of it, the file structures of Orbx versions for both simulations look identical.
  4. Good morning Doug, I have tried again this morning, with dynamic lights and all grass options unchecked, and have verified that the appropriate bgls are amended to bgl.off. The loading bar now gets to 2%, still indicating loading objects, and sim still crashes. Something my end doesn't like the early stages of loading this particular airfield. Works fine in my P3Dv4 setup. Not an easy one, this. Is there any pattern to which objects load early? Charles
  5. Hi Doug, Thanks for getting back so promptly. I had, indeed, left the P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting option checked. Sadly, trying to load with it unchecked, the Simulator still crashes as soon as loading objects is displayed. Good thought, though. I haven’t checked if the crash occurs without the addon airfield, just using the NZ North version - unlikely, but should be eliminated. Charles
  6. I've been through most of my Orbx airfields with this version of the sim with pleasing results. Having got to New Zealand the same is true, bar one. This is Gisborne, which unfailingly crashes to desktop as soon as I try loading it. If it lasts more than a second, it displays "loading objects" just long enough to read. The other Orbx NZ airfields are fine, as are those I have from other developers. I have tried verifying and reinstalling to no effect - both, apparently, complete successfully. I have checked that crash detection is disabled and have tried disabling the NZ North Island version of the airfield, again to no effect. I cannot see anything wrong in the scenery folders, or in the xml. I'm running out of ideas. Is anyone else seeing this, or able to offer any suggestions I could try? Thanks, Charles
  7. Me, too - great to have another P3Dv5 compatible cityscape. Can we hope for more like this?
  8. I had similar terrain issues with EGTH caused by my having UK2000 VFR Airfields Volume2 installed. This product has an options.exe to allow enabling and disabling individual airfields. In this case, disabling Old Warden (EG2J in this case) still left me with terrain issues. Checking UK2000's scenery folder, I found two files still remaining - EG2J_GroundFSX.bgl and EGTH_AFX_UK2.bgl. Removing both of these results in Orbx EGTH working perfectly. Might help others with UK2000's VFR airfields Volume2 product installed - it's the first time I have had a problem with their options panel. Charles
  9. Many thanks, Graham, for the revised xml - KBLU figures now seated comfortably. Hi John. Can confirm that your exclude for P3Dv4 works well in P3Dv5. Had a good look around and have not found any duplicated objects. Appreciate the guidance. Best wishes, Charles
  10. First, many thanks for the recent releases of airfield P3Dv5 compatibility updates. Much appreciated. After updating both P3Dv5 and PrDv4.5, I have just two observations, one at KBLU, the other at the bridge near Anacortes. At KBLU, I am seeing two "seated" figures, but both are displaced from any of the picnic tables. (go to N39 16.46, W120 42.53, Alt 5292, Mag 5) This seems to be the case in P3Dv5, which is TE based and P3Dv4.5, which is NA based. In P3D5 only, at Anacortes I am seeing two versions of the Deception Pass bridge. (go to N48 24.60, W122 38.91, Alt 390, Mag 119) The Anacortes addon is not excluding the TE POI version. I can remove the addon POI using the Anacortes control panel, but I prefer the addon version and doing so removes other addon POIs. Can someone confirm and, if so, is it possible to add an exclude to Anacortes to remove the TE duplicate? Thanks in advance. Charles
  11. Thanks Ed. I was not aware that there were two different GCTS products. It is not obvious when just scanning the product lists in "My Products" and "Store Europe". Is it possible to differentiate these, as you have now done on the Discovery page? Anyway, all is clear to me now. Charles
  12. Similar issues for me, too. P3Dv5 "My Products" shows both GCTS and GCXO as owned and installed, "Store Europe" shows same, but with an additional GCTS entry showing not owned. I have not installed into P3Dv4 but "My Products" shows neither GCTS nor GCXO listed, but "Store Europe" shows GCTS not owned and GCXO is not listed. At present, it looks as though I would have to buy GCTS again to install to P3Dv4. Looks as though something is amiss here. Enough to confuse me, anyway. Charles
  13. Thanks from me, too. Just ran into the same problem - fixed by the correct dll from A2A. Charles
  14. I had this problem when first installing Carenado aircraft into v5, but solved it just as Wayne describes above. For me, it proved vital to select v4 option in the installer, and then browse to the P3Dv5 folder. Doing this, installations have worked in every case. I now have several of each of the Carenado and Alabeo ranges displaying and functioning normally in P3Dv5.1 HF1. Charles
  15. Hi Greg, Apologies for not being clearer, but Nick, ever helpful, has correctly identified the file. I am not at my PC at present, but from memory the second file in the scenery folder disabled when installing KSJC into P3Dv5 is 3DM_buildings_NoCal_CABlg_1518_4424_KSJC.BGL.disabled-by-ksjc. It seems this this may not be happening for some in P3Dv4. KSJC is working well for me despite the complexity of the San Francisco Bay Area. If you still need a screenshot, I will attend to it when I get back. Charles
  16. Interesting that in my P3Dv5 installation, this and its partnering KSJC bgl are both "disabled-by-ksjc". Is this a problem with the v4 installer?
  17. Hi Mick, Thanks for getting back on this. I can stop scratching my head now. charles
  18. Strange. I only have Alderney showing in Orbx Central for V4 - no sign of it when switching to V5. I have the latest Orbx Central installed. Charles
  19. Hi Nick, I see exactly what Rod is seeing and confirm that my scenery complexity/settings are set to highest levels. I will also check Rod’ s scenery listing against mine. I have found no problem so far in doing the normal scenery integrity checks offered in Orbx Central. Charles
  20. Thanks, Nick. I’d better take a look at what I’ve done to make my castle vanish. Charles
  21. I have no castle on St Michaels Mount in Cornwall (N50 7.23, W5 29.02). Can anyone else confirm the same? It's there in the X-Plane version and, I thought, in TE-GB v1. All else in the area looks good, including other POI's. Just to add, I'm finding version 2 a big improvement over version 1.
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