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  1. I wish I remembered what I did to fix that. If I recall correctly, I simply deleted every thing and reinstalled the package. The files were just not extracting properly.
  2. It was great to watch. I am curious about your name, Kodiak73. Are you from Kodiak? I lived in Kodiak in '73.
  3. When I installed KFAT, SAM failed to fully load. Perhaps you may want to do a file verification with SAM?
  4. Just sent you a PM
  5. That is our hope! (Orbx - ya listening ?) The project clearly did not die. I have spent many happy hours with it in Aerofly, and it is currently available for the various FS and P3D platforms as well. So they were faithful to complete it. Let's just hope that they get it ported over to XP.
  6. No, just me, some basic improvements over the default. I was just saying that now that I have grown tired of waiting on Orbx to port the existing airport over to X-plane, and started just making improvements on my own,something will probably get announced rendering all of my work useless. I certainly hope that happens.
  7. Looks like it is sitting in drydock. Perhaps is has run aground and become damaged...
  8. Would love to see US Georgia and the Carolinas to extend northward from Florida, and Alaska. Hawaii would certainly be welcome, along with the entire Yellowstone / Utah/Colorado region.
  9. It probably will be coming soon being that I just spend a number of hours literally last night making some updates to the default with WED. Actually, I can only hope that all of my efforts will soon be wasted. Hint to Orbx staff...I plan on spending a number of hours updating Jackson Hole over the next few evenings. Sure would hate to have all that effort wasted as well...
  10. I believe that you need to be sure to shut X-P down and get back in before you will see the change.
  11. John, First, let me thank you for all of the support that you provide here. I know it can be a thankless tiring job sometimes, but you do it well and what you do is much appreciated. However, Orbx makes it very clear that no support is offered for Beta releases of X-Plane. Unless I missed something (possible) 11.41 is the latest public release, and 11.51 is still Beta. So should not all support be generated based upon an installation of 11.41 and not 11.51? For the record, I also saw the loss of San Diego with my SoCal installation. The default scenery that was previously in place was no longer showing, and the ridges across the entire field were present. Unfortunately, MrX6 scenery is currently not available unless you have a prior account with them ("New account or download requests are, keep that in mind, not answered!") so I went ahead and installed the Fly Away! scenery which at least returned scenery to the airport, but apparently doesn't include a mesh as the ridges are still in place. So the issue is a real one that your customers will be dealing with. Perhaps the developer can come up with a quick flattening mesh for the airport or something, just something simple to allow the return of the default scenery for those using the current release, 11.41
  12. I'm not from Chicago either, but I know that the 'island' is still there and recognizable, it is simply no longer an airport. Being that it is a park, it certainly should be available to visit. If I were there, I would visit with my Google Earth app open on my phone, and the time travel feature activated to prior to the shut down, so I can see where I am in comparison to what I know WAS there.
  13. > in real life they shut it down, what happened , did the city find it too expensive to keep open of what? A (Not gonna say it) politician who wanted to create a park for personal reasons, literally brought in bulldozers in the middle of the night when no one was around and bulldozed the runway , then said this is now mine, every body else out, and took it over for his personal agenda. Very nasty process from a very low politician.
  14. HD is downloading and installing now... and they have it at a reduced price for the moment!
  15. Apparently the offer is over already. Just followed the link and there is no mention of Luminar 3 at all, only Luminar 4. Rats.
  16. Yes, it does make a noticeable difference when you are down low. Get above a couple thousand feet and its all the same, but down low its really nice. I like to replay my flights and watch from the outside while I'm chilling watching tv. I really like the crispness when that the HD provides when doing this.
  17. Hi Jack, I'm not far down the road in Savannah, and we have the same issue. The best I can figure, people are afraid of getting quarantined and while they are stuck going nowhere, they will, in effect, have 'no where to go' because they have run out of basic necessities. It is compounded when people panic and over buy, then the 'normal people' see the shelves going empty and fear they will have nothing when they need it, so they over buy, and it all just compounds.
  18. Thank you Greg. I am going to attach my current log.txt file and my current scenery_Packs.ini (formatted as txt). You can cross compare them against the ones that I posted earlier in this thread back when Orcas was displaying properly for me. Perhaps you might see something there that might help. Also, if I may ask, if this ends up as a patch for Orcas, while you are in the file would it be possible to reposition the main starting spot to be on the lead in line in front of the FBO instead of it's current location, as shown below. I always feel so bad blowing my exhaust across those poor people when I taxi out with the current starting position, pointing right at them as they stand there Log.txtscenery_packs.txt
  19. Circling back around on this, because there has been no activity in a while now ( 2 months). Interesting that previously I did not have this issue with Orcas (see above) however now I do! I see exactly as shown by the original poster, plus I have a notable hump on the runway that wasn't there before. I have added Skagit in the past month or so, but no other additions or alterations to the general area have been made that should have triggered an elevation change at Orcas. Was a fix for this issue ever found?
  20. I also would like to know how to uninstall the Expansion pack. Since installing it I get a message when flying in the Seattle area stating that X-Plane 'Is Completely Out Of Memory' or something along those lines after only a few minutes of flying. I would think my 32 GBof DDR4 would be enough. All of the settings in the Configure with Orbx Central are set to the lowest settings but I still am totally running out of memory around Seattle.
  21. Thank you JOhn. Being one of those SE customers, it is great to see something on this side of the continent. Really hoping you continue expanding just a little bit further North. Georgia and the Carolinas have some beautiful places to fly into and over.
  22. I'm glad it was of help to you Frank. Yes, your way would work as well. I simply chose a second install because I have the room on my SSD to do it and wanted to be able to compare the files in order to discover not only the fix, but also the root cause of the problem. Cheers!
  23. Interesting. I created a second XP11 installation and compared the Global Airports folders. The new one was the same size as the original. I went ahead and swapped the Global Airports folders with each other anyways, and now everything is looking good. So, apparently the files within the Global Airports folder had become corrupt somehow. Thank you both!!!
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