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  1. Thats great to hear! Sorry im just an impatient person at times lol. Literally cant wait! :))))
  2. From what i know the Steam version makes the files much more easily accessable. So if youre planning on getting addons thats the platform id go with. As for the version that really is up to you, there should be a list on their website showing which version contains what. I went with the most expensive one becasue it had the most handcrafted airport even though i still almost always use addons for that.
  3. Yeah, just crossing my fingers for more msfs stuff
  4. Theres one product up there now, that cant be it can it?
  5. Thats what i was thinking aswell, but its been in this state for quite a few hours now
  6. There is nothing there for me, is it the same for anyone else?
  7. Wow, been looking everyday for a new update and finally this is what you show us! I seriously cant wait! I know you have probably been asked this 578943579 times and hate the question, but is there any approx ETA?
  8. Oh, thats great news! Thanks for the reply!
  9. Hello. I was just wondering if the team is working on brining ESSA to msfs. Its my local airport and my favourite scenery from P3D v5 and i have waited a while for a good payware option for msfs, but it hasnt come from anywhere. Was just wondering if we can expect a realease in the future? Best regards Robin
  10. Hi everyone! I am having unsually low fps in the above airports. I get about 35 fps in copenhagen flytampa whilst i get around 8 in arlanda, anyone know why that is? I also only get about 20 fps in innsbruck. My specs are: 3080, 5900x, 32 gb ram 3600 hz cl 18 Any respone would be appriticiated!
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