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  1. Genuinely surprised but chuffed to bits as well. The competition is so inspiring with so many great images posted each month - and expensive too as it makes me want to explore new aircraft and sceneries! Many thanks!! Andy.
  2. Also notice the wave textures over the burned in boats at the bottom of the image.
  3. There is a TE GB South demo area you can download and play around with in XP11. Worth checking out.
  4. Sure Tony, here you go. I also notice the runway doesn't hide the ortho beneath but I suspect that is to upsell me Dundee Airport! First images is floating buildings, second is the seam. Cheers, Andy.
  5. Do you need images or are you okay? I saw a couple of locations around Jon's sceenshot where buildings are floating - I'm assuming as a result of the recent TE update in preparation for Dundee airport? I also noticed there is an obvious seam in the same area and as a result some buildings collide with each other.
  6. Yup, I don't have Dundee bought yet, this is purely the TE scenery. I'll check this evening after work and provide screenshots of other buildings - I think they were different from the one Jon showed.
  7. Hi Jon, I think it was a little further East, I’ll grab a shot today and attach.
  8. TE GB North. Floating buildings at Dundee. Visible on right hand side on final to airport on eastern approach.
  9. Ah yes, I know it well. I thought it was some kind of sim plugin - VH-KDK referred to it as Luminair which made me think it was flight sim related.
  10. Thanks, P3D or XP11? I'm assuming the former since I have never heard of it until now.
  11. Great shot. Do you mind if I ask what you are using for clouds?
  12. Almost certainly replicating a shallow depth of field in edit for an artistic shot - it would be pretty much useless as a feature in the sim.
  13. I think it’s fair to say we will likely see our favourite airports in the new sim, at least P3D initially.
  14. The beauty of flight simming at 120fps+ on moderate level hardware (Intel NUC Hades Canyon)...
  15. Still an issue? Are you running Vulkan rendering with an AMD card by any chance?
  16. I would think they will stick with that logo since they are using that on their published teaser/video updates etc.
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