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Navigraph charts v8.28 showing through Volanta


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Accessing Navigraph through Volanta only shows v8.28 not 8.29 which was just released?  I've updated my Navigraph charts to 8.29 but seems the Volanta integration only pulls through 8.28?  There is no option to update Navigraph charts through Volanta (which makes sense from an integration point of view).

My Volanta is v1.6.2 and when I check for updates says none available.  Do you guys have to force this through somehow?



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4 hours ago, George Peppard said:

I tried it on my version and it shows the latest 8.29 release. You may need to clear the cache. If you are on Windows, go to `%AppData%/Orbx/Volanta` and clear the `Cache` folder completely, then restart Volanta.

yep that worked thanks!

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