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Volanta AIRAC

Trevor Hannant

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Hi Trevor,


We are somewhat limited by Navigraph as to the cycle we can use to parse routes (etc.) as obviously they want to encourage customers to sign up for a Navigraph subscription. Navigraph have recently (very generously) allowed us to update the default cycle from one in 2018 to cycle 2201 - I am not sure if this is in the public version yet but if not, it will be very soon.


You can obtain more up-to-date data by linking your Navigraph account in Settings; have you done this?


If you can provide an example of what indicated the out of date data (e.g. a route), then that'd help us pinpoint the exact problem too.


All the best,


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Hi George, hope you're well!


I've linked it now and it's fine - the "Authenticate with Navigraph" was, I thought, an option for logging into Volanta using an external login rather than a separate account, not connecting my Navigraph account to it.  Now I've done this it's resolved.



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