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"The library location isn't empty"

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customers may see this error message when trying to add an existing Orbx Central Library back into Orbx Central.

Here is the workaround.


1. Close Orbx Central.


2. Rename your Orbx Central Library folder by adding X to its folder name.


3. In the same location, create a new and empty folder using the same folder name, but without the X.


4. Open and use Orbx Central to create a new Orbx Central Library and point that new library to the new and empty folder.

5. Close Orbx Central again.


6. Delete the new and empty folder and then remove the X from the original folder name.


7. Open Orbx Central and you have your new Orbx Central Library, containing all of your existing products.


Please note that it may take a while for Orbx Central to count the folders and files in the new Library,

so the total size may not be correctly reported straight away.
This has no effect on the way that it works.

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