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LOWI terrain and duplicated objects issue

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After the simulator decided to update itself to the same version, removing all addons previously installed, and downloading more than 100Gb of fake update (plus the contents plus re-downloading all addons) I have a problem with LOWI.

- I have not installed Asobo LOWI (I checked twice)
- I have installed Orbx LOWI from the Orbx central (inside an external Orbx library folder on D drive).
- I have installed from flightsim.to: Innsbruck Region Helipads + Emergency Scenery (inside an external folder managed by AddonLinker (J drive))
- I have installed from flightsim.to: Powerlines and Solar Farms (inside an external folder managed by AddonLinker (J drive))


All addons seems to be correctly installed (LOWI airport is ok, helipads outside airport are ok, powerlines outside the airport are ok).


The problem is close to the airport:

- In the world map the Christophorous helipad (parking 100 added by the helipads addon) is missing, it was there before the simulator re-install.
- The powerlines in the vicinity of the airport are not there (I remember that before the addons two power poles were present, hte powerlines addon added new poles and wires)

All was working before the “fake” msfs update. All the other features of each addon are present outside of airport area.
I assume Orbx LOWI scenery is taking priority and probably there is an exclusion area however I know that msfs reads by default the sceneries in alphabetical order.
- The powerlines should have the higher priority (folder name: a-mamudesign-powerlines)
- The helipad should be second (lukeeep-lowi-christophorus-1-helipad-Orbx)
- LOWI should be the last (Orbx-airport-lowi-innsbruck).

Is there a different sorting in case they are installed in different locations instead of community folder?



I read the pinned posts and I deleted the content.xml and all dat files inside the sceneryindexes. No luck.

The folders names before and after the problem occurred were exactly the same. Also the installation paths.


Already tried also to re-install all of them.


Any help is kindly apreciated.

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