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New Install -no Space Needle?

Craig Bowman

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Hi Jon/All,


While awaiting my new PC to arrive (moving across from Mac) I ordered a few Orbx products in the Black Friday sale (US Washington HD, US Washington Enhancement, DD Seattle Airports, and have Orbx Libraries and SAM also downloaded). But when I open xplane 11 (version, take off from KSEA and head north to look for the Space Needle in an attempt to compare what I'm seeing to the images on the US Washington HD product page, my scenery looks like standard xplane 11. Even more confusingly the Space Needle doesn't exist at all. Now possibly I'm lost, but I don't think so (see screenshot). In an attempt to trouble shoot (noting I'm not the most computer savvy person) I've "verified the files", checked the settings for each product through Central, clicked "Sync Simulator" a few times, and had a look in the .ini file and if I understand what I'm looking for I see the KSEA and Orbx products there. Spent quite a few hours now trying to sort this out on my own, but I'm lost. I've attached a screenshot to show the detail I'm seeing where I believe the Space Needle should be located.


Confusingly in my Custom Scenery folder I have a file titled "scenery_packs" (file type given as "Configuration settings") which has all the Orbx and other custom scenery I own, and a "scenery_packs.ini" file that is listed as a "BACKUP-Orbx File". Is the first file missing the .ini extension possibly, and xplane is looking in the back up folder (although this contains the KSEA demo area, so as I understand it I should be seeing the Space Needle)? Also strange is that the folder size for my scenery files isn't shown in explorer (if that's still what it's called), but right clicking on properties gives file sizes (and they're all read only). Haven't used Windows for a while so possibly that's normal? My system SSD has 300gb free and running a 3080 card so I don't think my issue is hardware related. Detail turned all the way up in xplane settings. 


Hoping you can help as the products look so promising, and my head is getting sore from beating it against the desk.






DWSim F-16C - 2022-01-25 11.22.29.png

scenery_packs.ini scenery_packs.ini.backup-orbx

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Hi Craig.

Sorry about your issues. You are correct about the Space Needle. It should be visible.

I need you to do a couple of things please.

1. Send m a copy of the XP Log file from your XP directory as shown in the pic below:



2.Please, for test purposes, disable all the DD Seattle Airports files.

There are known compatibility issues with the DD addon but are fixable. I just want to see if the DD addons are affecting the scenery.

The scenery-packs.ini looks OK to me. The Backup version is made so that you can revert back to that scenery_packs if you uninstall Orbx addons in total. Don't worry about that. The "configuration" version is the active one.

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1 minute ago, Craig Bowman said:

Thanks for the quick reply Jon. Could I ask you to guide me through the disable process for the DD scenery?

2 ways.

The easiest is to just make a folder on the same disk drive and drag and drop the files into it from your Custom Scenery folder.

The 2nd way is to edit the scenery_packs entries by adding this (in bold) e.g

SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/LFBH tdg/
to disable it: 


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Hi Jon,


I think disabling the DD scenery has fixed it (see screenshots). I do have a Space Needle now. I also think I have the True Earth HD working -certainly noted the two stadiums in Seattle. Took another screenshot but it's at altitude so you won't be able to tell if HD or SD I guess.



DWSim F-16C - 2022-01-25 18.13.46.png

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Another issue I've discovered (and I don't know if this is something you can help me with) is that if I land a helicopter inside the baseball stadium I "fall through" what I assume is the True Earth "ground" into presumably xplane 11 default scenery, then xplane crashed. This was in VR, so probably a fair demand on the system. Any ideas, or is that one a "pass"?

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