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answered EGNM - Very low FPS

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I'm experiencing an large impact on FPS at EGNM. It occurs when I'm on the ground and off the runway. I see from a search that there are others that have/had the same issue. I believe the lights are a factor as when the a/c is parked close to them is when the FPS is lowest. 


Any suggestions or fixes?



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I recall doing a lot of research at the time of first reports of a FPS hit at EGNM. These reports were few relatively speaking.

I can only link you to you the posts in this topic where I give my  XP settings and comment about use of Vulkan and the effect of high demand payware planes like the Zibo. I also don't use VR which can also have a serious effect on FPS. You will see that in the Cirrus, I was getting 30FPS in the area of concern and running Traffic global at 70%. There are obviously going to be differences in performance(FPS) depending on PC specs, plugins, XP settings and planes used.

 There is no plan as far as I am aware to any further updates to EGNM



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