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is there a way of checking Xplane11 is using TrueEarth


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I am sorry if it is a silly question but I have never been quite certain XPlane11 is using TrueEarth (Great Britain South) as the image files. Within XPlane11 itself, there doesn't seem to be a setting for the scenery graphics source, it just works. I bought XPlane11 and TrueEarth all at the same time and so installed at same time.

thank you


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A couple of ways to check.

First make sure the True Earth files are in the Custom Scenery folder and appear in the scenery_packs.ini

The other way is for you to post a pic, outside view looking down and I will be able to tell if its TE.

When you post a pic amke sure you tell me what TE addon it is supposed to be.

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I have the same questions, just wanting to make sure the scenery works before I go invest more.

Flying XP11, with GB South, GB Central and the EGTB airport.

Have added the scenery_packs.ini and log.txt as I read this is often required.


In the screenshots I added LAT/LONG/ALT so you can verify where the picture was taken.

I am basically just north of EGTB flying over the High Wycombe stadium.





scenery_packs.ini Log.txt

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