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Volanta v1.2 - Activities Update - Released!


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Volanta Activities Update Released!


It’s with great pleasure that we announce the release of Volanta v1.2 to the community.

Since we launched v1.1 back in August, we’ve had over 650,000 more flights, and 1.1 million more hours logged. Thank you all for your continued support.

This release marks a major milestone for the development team. We have ensured Volanta is not only feature-rich but still performs well. All while keeping true to our clean design philosophy.



Recapping our initial Volanta 1.2 post, here are just a few perks that will change the way you fly:

New in Volanta Premium

Schedule & Roster.JPG


Real-World Schedules - Always struggling to find flights to do? With Volanta v1.2, we’re bringing integrated global-flight schedule data to the game. Simply click on a departure airport and Volanta will visualize all available destinations with many filters to choose from. We’ll even show you terminal & gate assignments!  With the Volanta roster, your flying possibilities are now endless. 
New in Volanta v1.2




Aerocaches - Aerocaches are a global treasure hunt. You’ll be given a clue, and the general area to look in. Discover the floating Volanta symbol and fly through it to capture that Aerocache, dynamically injected into all 3 major simulator platforms. (P3D, X-Plane, MSFS). On your journey you will discover new places you may not have seen before, and learn more about the world we live in. Sharpen your flying and detective skills to find all of the Aerocaches we’ve hidden around the world.



Online Network Events - Want to know where you can catch some great controlling on VATSIM or IVAO? Head over to our Events page to see all the online network events in a simple list, visualized on our powerful map. Use the “I’m Going” feature to ensure you never miss another event again, with notifications being sent out 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. Lots more time for cockpit preparation checks!

Scenery Map.JPG


Scenery Map - In Volanta v1.2, you can scan supported simulators (MSFS, P3D, XP) and display your installed scenery on the Volanta map. Like most of Volanta, you’ll be able to view your scenery from the web and mobile too.

Activities Tab.JPG


Activities tab - The “Challenges” page has been overhauled and replaced with “Activities”. This page will act as a hub for Volanta-powered experiences. You can discover new places to fly with Aerocaches, find new events on both multiplayer networks and Volanta, as well as searching comprehensive real-world schedules for our premium subscribers - with loads more to come.


Volanta Premium includes all free features, plus:
Volanta Persistence - Aircraft in the sim don’t have a history - it’s like flying a factory-new aircraft every time. With Volanta Premium’s aircraft persistence (powered by smart autosave), you can load your aircraft exactly where you left it from a previous flight. Retaining aircraft position, fuel, switch states, lever positions, etc. Currently available in FSX, Prepar3D, and MSFS. Not all third-party aircraft may be supported as saving/loading of panel state can differ by aircraft. Note: If an aircraft works with the simulator's default save/load function, it will work with Volanta.
Volanta Flight Parties - Part of the fun is sharing your simulation experience with others. Fly with your Volanta friends and easily create your own group flights. Our Flight Parties feature real-time collaborative map drawing and allow Premium members to add up to 10 friends at a time (even non-premium members).
Volanta Group Chat - We added an intuitive chat room for all party members to socialize in - especially handy if you’re making new friends within Volanta! Great for passing along flight plans, notes, links, or just general conversation with your friends who still don’t have Discord.
Volanta Remote Pause - Need to step away from the sim? Remote Pause allows you to remotely pause FSX, P3D, or XP11 if you can't make it back to the sim in time. Simply log in to fly.volanta.app on any device, including mobile, and hit "pause" on your active flight window.
Volanta Time Sync - Time Sync in Volanta Premium ensures FSX and Prepar3D are always in tune with UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). No other external apps. No more time drifts. Letting you focus on what's really important, flying!
Volanta AutoSave - Our cloud save and load system gives Premium users the chance to reclaim their flight by clicking one button in Volanta (or loading from the Volanta save manually). You can configure the save interval and prevent saves below 5,000 ft. Currently supported in FSX, P3D, and MSFS.
Volanta Screenshots - Premium users can upload unlimited 4K screenshots instead of just 3 standard definition images. Giving you more ways to share your flights with the thriving Volanta community. Saved and accessible anytime, all within Volanta!
And more - see our Premium features page for all the details. 


Volanta Pricing

(always free)
(AU6.35/month or AU63.50/year)*
Flight Planning, Tracking & Logbook check.svg check.svg
Aircraft Statistics check.svg check.svg
Powerful Map UPDATED check.svg check.svg
Aerocaches NEW check.svg check.svg
Network Events NEW check.svg check.svg
Scenery Map NEW check.svg check.svg
Challenges check.svg check.svg
Friends check.svg check.svg
Flight Parties
Collaborative map, easy group flight planning
Can join only check.svg
Join & host
Cloud Screenshots 3 per flight
Real-World Schedules NEW
Powerful schedule search in-app
Personal Roster NEW
Plan your upcoming flights
Aircraft Persistence   check.svg
Cloud Saves + Autosave   check.svg
Time Sync   check.svg
Remote Control
Pause and unpause
Premium Status in App
Visible on the map and in the friends list
Premium Discord Channel   check.svg

* sales tax added where applicable.


Volanta’s core features will always remain free!
Volanta Premium Monthly: $6.35 AUD (approx. US$4.51, €4.01, £3.41) + applicable taxes
Volanta Premium Yearly: (two months free!): $63.50 AUD (approx. US$45.15, €40.07, £34.12) + applicable taxes




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