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Microsoft One Drive screwed up my scenery library

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I recently added One Drive document files to a laptop from my main PC that drives th P3Dv4.5

On starting P3D I found all the Orbx addon scenery worked but most of my other scenery  (71 addons)  such as UK 2000 Glasgow and Southend did not work and showed only default scenery

The issue I am experiencing is because Microsoft OneDrive Backup relocated the existing P3D scenery files which were in C:\Users\KenTerry\Documents\ to new C:\Users\KenTerry\OneDrive\Documents\


I need to know how to remove the inactive scenery that gets disabled in order for me to grt a P3D startup 


If possible can the scenery path be edited to reflect the OneDrive\Documents location?


Any help appreciated to resolve this One Drive problem.



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