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Orbx Central slows down or freezes Windows 10 and has interrupted downloads.


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OS Microsoft Windows 10 Home
OS Version 10.0.19043 Build 19043
Simulator Microsoft Flight Simulator

Orbx Central version 4.1.40 consistently freezes my Windows 10 system about two minutes after running the program and the download of the recent Himalayas mesh is stuck at 26%. The OS freezing is the main issue which then results in my network failing and the stalled download.

With the short timeframe system freeze, it's difficult to troubleshoot anything on my end. Closing the Orbx Central program doesn't resolve the impending system freeze -- whatever crash it starts apparently just cascades in my system until I have to force restart via the power button. I haven't had any OS stability issues or crashing prior to this specific program version. If I don't run Orbx Central , my system runs fine. Previous versions of Orbx Central didn't have this problem, so it seems apparent there are some coding problems in the 4.1.40 version that need to be revisited. Thanks in advance for any help.

Steps taken to resolve the issues:
1. Downloaded all the .NET (x64) requirements and installed them.
2. Tried clearing out all the temporary files and reinstalling Orbx Central.
3. Orbx Central did give me the message that my files were corrupted and that settings were reset to default, so I moved my library location to a different SSD than my OS drive (C:) to see if that would resolve the issue.
4. I've made sure that Kaspersky is turned off before running Orbx Central and that does seem to result in the Orbx Central program running long enough to login and reach the title screen after loading libraries and programs (with noticeable latency increasing), but the system freezes shortly thereafter. I was able to download a smaller purchase (a freeware airport pack) before it froze up my OS.

Current Status: 
Downloaded and ran Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30135) and this resolved the very sluggish Orbx Central startup and now it's trying to download the 20GB Himalayas mesh. The download intermittently seems to jump from 20MB/s and back down to 0 B/s and says download interrupted. Just did a speed test on my internet and there are no reported outages on my end. Orbx Central version 4.1.40 still introduces a lot of latency and instability in my OS and has poor connectivity to it's content servers but so far hasn't completely frozen...


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5. Ran the System File Checker tool (SFC.exe). Corrupted files were found and fixed.

Well, for whatever reason, Orbx Central seems to be finally behaving, even with Kaspersky VPN and Protection running. What should have been a 10 minute download was an 8 hour ordeal and dozens of forced restarts. I recommend you guys patch Orbx Central 4.1.40 to behave well with current builds of Windows 10. Or at the very least offer a direct download link for new products via email receipt until you patch your file downloader which has pretty bad connectivity issues.

This issue is resolved (for now).

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