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Auckland Scenery - Mount Eden has no crater

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Hi Holger,  I have both the Orbx Dem pack for NZ and Auckland scenery.   Great products.


I have one major gripe and that is Mount Eden is missing its crater.   Mount Eden is right next to the city and received some improvement in both the Dem and City update but it is missing one of the most important elements, which is the crater at the top.   It is a deep crater relative to the size of the hill.  Flying over it numerous times it has a 2D flat texture and misses the essence of this iconic volcano next to the city.   I thought the 10M mesh would have captured it.  


Here is a pic of the crater on Mt Eden     https://www.newzealand.com/ie/feature/aucklands-volcanic-cones/


Flying over the Mount brings disappointment especially since the rest of Auckland is done so well.  It is pretty much the only gripe I have for Auckland with the Dem + Scenery packs.

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I'm not seeing that, from what I remember it looked OK in testing.


If you want a short cut to try an addon, at flightsim.to there's a Mt Eden addon in the NZ scenery.  Might be worth downloading that, as far as I know it will work with the Auckland scenery.

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Thanks for your reply John.  I flew over Mt Eden again tonight in a nice slow C-152 using both Orbx Dem Mesh and Auckland scenery. I then then installed the Mt Eden scenery from flightsim.to.   I am in VR so I do get a good 3D perspective of scenery. 


The top of Mt Eden on the Orbx Dem mesh and Orbx Auckland scenery, is a flat hill top with no crater.  The rest of Mt Eden looks superb from the Orbx Dem mesh.  Surprising the mesh didn't get the crater.


Using the scenery add on for Mt Eden the deep crater is there.  It was a amazing to fly over and would be on my list of places to see on a virtual scenic tour of Auckland.  I have seen the crater many many times in person.  


While the crater is fantastic with the flightsim.to scenery add on the trees are "blocky" and not as nice as those that appear in the Orbx scenery.  However the add on has the crater superbly modelled and it's not a flat hill top.    They both have advantages but it is the crater is the key feature that makes Mt Eden with it's crater an Auckland landmark.  The crater makes Mt Eden a volcano and not just a hill. 


If I can suggest for any future update, can Orbx please consider to model a crater for Mt Eden to the Auckland scenery or updated mesh. 


Thanks for the Auckland products and hopefully you can add more for NZ in the future. 



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