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Gaya LOWW not loading any more after lates MSFS2020 update

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Hi, After the latest update of FS2020 GAYA LOWW for Microsoft flight sim is not working at all and I am a bit clueless what to do because:

 - I already saw that Orbx team is pointing over to the support team from Gaya

 - once you open their support community link you are always pointed to the main homepage of Gaya - it seems there is no support forum at all

 - I used the Support form on their website describing my issue without any response yet


steps I did already in the sim: 

 - removed Gaya simulations through Orbx central and made sure that nothing is left in the community folder

 - fire up fs2020 with default loww -> works fine

 - reinstalled the loww through Orbx central -> not working (see below)

 - it was working before the lates fs2020 update

 - i also emptied the whole community folder, fired up fs2020 for the default loww airport -> works fine

 - only add on installed than Gaye LOWW -> not working



current bug that is seen: 

 - you can choose loww from airport list for a free flight, select any airplane

 - click "go flying"

 - than the loading indicator screens appears -> i waited for 20+ mins, and the loading indicator either gets stuck around 2/3 or at full but nothing happens, loww is not loaded (see screenshot where nothing else happens attached). 


so what can I do now? I really invested a lot into p3d stuff on Orbx, now the first paid add on with msfs. Please advise :)

Screenshot 2021-10-24 204956.jpg

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After a lot of time reading through forums and trying out different things I found a solution to the bug that seems to work for now: 


Lower the LOD (Level of Detail) to max. 100 or lower. After that change the airport loads again. 


I still have to say I am very dissapointed by Orbx as well as by Gaya - was a great fan of both companies and invested quite a lot of money into their add ons in P3D. Neither someone from Orbx nor Gaya (after over 4 days now) even reacted to my question (created this ticket & a ticket directly with Gaya)  and even if this bug was introduced by the latest "forced" Asobo update I would expect at least something like "we are looking into it"... 

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