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2 instances of msfs.!?

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I saw online that the Microsoft website showed that I had two instances of Microsoft flight simulator installed. So I went looking. I believe one is the original installation from the 10- CD pack on "C" drive (100gb) So called pre-install, I think, and the second instant on a different hard drive (G) nvme (162 gb) is the one that Microsoft had me download.

   So my question to you all is, can I delete the first original installation as it's taken up 100 GB on my c drive. I don't believe I'm using it as the game resides on my g drive as well. I see that it appears no updates have been put on to the c drive simulator but there has been updates on the g drive simulator. Or what to do...Should I cut and paste the c drv installation some where else to confirm that the sim will still run and then delete it? I just don't know. 

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