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Well the first place I went to was Blackpool, and Blackpool is all about the night life so expected really good Night Lighting, but no, you can not hardly see the add-on scenery at night, the tower has not even got lighting at the top that is the public viewing area and above. The piers don't even look good in the day light, they are well above the ground level, just so poor for a paid for scenery. So disappointed that I have not even bothered to visit any other areas of this product.

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thank you for the placements file.


Here are some comparisons:






Freeware pier in FSMS 2020 - South coast location:




MSFS 2004, okay the night lighting is maybe too much:




If these screen shots are not appropriate then please remove this post.

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So disappointed by this add-on that I opened a ticket and asked for a refund. I was told in no uncertain terms that no refund will be issued as Blackpool has suffcient night lighting and the tower is a Asobo item, exactly, they did not even do their own tower. This is just a very poor add-on that cost $21.80 AUD. I did ask them to reconsider as I have purchased hundreds of pounds of their add-ons over the last few years but they still said no refund.

Also note that very few items have any night lighting (lighthouses with no lights) and there appear to be no winter textures either.


Other comments on this can be found here:



Fortunatly I have found some freeware Blackpool scenery that is of a much higher quality, so have now uninstalled all my Orbx products and will not be purchasing any more. Good bye Orbx.

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