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Orbx_Central_Backups - moving to a different SSD


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I have the main Orbx Library installed into a -different- SSD outside my main P3D drive.  On a recent routine drive check, I notice the 'Orbx_Central_backups' directory on this drive....  


Since this 'Orbx' drive is nearing capacity, I'd like to free up space by moving this 'backup' folder to yet another drive.  I run Central v 4.1.39.  In 'settings > downloader > backups', I've changed the location to my preferred new target drive / folder.  Question:  to free up space -now-, can I / should I manually move the existing 'backup' folder to this new location ?  I assume Central will only use the new location for subsequent downloads / installs / back ups (ie, it wont proactively move the folder simply by changing the target folder location).  




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