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ESTA on top of ESDB in Sweden


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I have an issue with ESTA (elevation 60ft) and ESDB elevation 68ft), they are located at the same place and apperes to be on top of each other, so planes are "burried" in the ground.
Pls see attached pictures
I have just purchased Orbx Global Base pack
Br Ole


W10, prepar3dv4, ASUSGeForce2070, Intel Core I7, 32GB RAM

ESTA and ESDB plus Draken.jpg

T6 on ESDB Ängelholm Sweden.png

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this problem has nothing to do with Orbx who do not make a model of ESTA or ESDB.

The Global Base pack does not contain any airports at all.

The problem is this:



ESTA Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport (former ICAO code: ESDB)


If you add a version of ESTA, its excludes will not exclude ESDB, which is the ICAO code in P3D.

You will therefore see both airports.

The most common cause of this is an updated navigation data base.

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