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Orbx Regions EGLL_BGL File

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Could somebody clarify if this is a Airport AFCAD BGL File similar to when you have the BGL file for specific Airport scenery you have ADE_FTX_ENG_EGLL_BGL?


If it is indeed another Airport BGL file is it best to disable it? So it doesn't interfere with my Simwings EGLL AFCAD etc?


Apologises if this is the wrong section, but wasn't sure where else to post this question.



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yes you do.

These are the three files in ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY\scenery

They are already disabled.




As a basic explanation, the top file excludes the default and sets the levels and ground textures.

The second file contains the airport details, runways, taxiways, navigation aids and so on.

The third file places the scenery objects which are called by the second file.


Orbx choose the three file option but it is also possible to compile an entire airport into the first two files.



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