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Landmarks Dubai City Pack 1.1.0 update


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Hi all,


An update is now available on Orbx Central for Landmarks Dubai.



  • Fixes CTD issue with OMDU Dubai Skydive Airport (see further notes below)
  • Added LODs and other performance optimisations for both PC users and the upcoming release on Xbox
  • Several minor bug fixes, like positioning adjustments etc.


Dubai Skydive Airport with its unique raised concrete runway doesn't allow for a standard runway start position at RW06, which sits on a platform above the water. However, not having two start positions is actually what caused the odd crashes to desktop -- that took us a while to figure out! The work-around was to place the RW06 start position on land, meaning near the start position for RW24. Thus, please be aware that, when selecting RW06 you'll get placed near the opposite end and will need to taxi to the RW06 end for a take-off to the east. 


This update has also been submitted to the Microsoft Marketplace and we have requested it be expedited due to the CTD issue. At this point in time we do not have an estimation when it will be available but will let you know as soon as we do.

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