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Has Orbx Central crashed?

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Hi there...


I've used Orbx for a while and love its scenery but over the last few days it seems that Orbx Central has been playing up. My EGNM scenery has, despite being installed, gone back to default P3D version of the airport and the whole of the UK has black squares and bodies of water appear all over my scenery (I have Orbx england installed). Also, when I have tried to un and reinstall any scenery, it comes up with an error and then suggests buying it again. Also, upon loading it, it goes straight to my product page which means I also have no way of logging out. I have even tried reinstalling Orbx central but this does not fix the issue. 


Really want to get this fixed asap as I want to get back flying! 




Thomas Nobrega

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Hi Thomas


No, Orbx Central has not crashed.


Could you please post an image of the error message?


Also, does Orbx Central Open? If so, please post an image of the Settings/My Account page, you can cross out your email from the image.

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