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Jabiru J160/J170 support

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Not sure where else to post this but I do have several issues with the Jabirus version 1.4.5. I sent all those a month ago to IRIS' feedback mail address but didn't get a reply yet. Here's the list of current issues:

  • Several cockpit items can not be manipulated with the mouse, namely the starter, the throttle, elevator trim lever and the parking brake. It only works by using the keyboard or yoke. The only way to start the plane (w/o using the HC Alpha) is to apply CTRL+E keyboard shortcut

  • COM1 power knob can only be rotated with the mouse wheel. There is no rotation tooltip as is the case with other rotary switches in the sim. Also, I think it would make sense to allow clicking it to the two available positions (i.e. left click on the on or off position).

  • The flaps lever can also only be operated by keyboard or yoke, but not the mouse. 

  • The Jabiru J160 reacts to the landing light on my yoke (HC Alpha) and displays a visual light even though the plane is not fitted with that. My guess is that this is shared with the J170, which has a landing light. 

  • In the J170, I get the “low volts” annunciation no matter what. Could this related to ALT and BAT being two separate rocker switches on the HC Alpha yoke while the plane only has a single master switch?

  • When using the external view, the engine sound is far too loud. Much louder than any other aircraft in fact.

  • The final issue I found is actually the most severe. It occurred to me twice today in the J170 that the throttle starts to reduce to 0 slowly on it’s own. When I push it up again via mouse scrolling or with moving my throttle it continues to go back down. I had this once after pausing and another time on final approach. I am not entirely sure what triggers this bug but there’s no way to mitigate it. I turned the engines and avionics off mid-flight, entered the menu, etc. The throttle keeps going down zero no matter what.


Especially the last one is really annoying and forces you to stop the current flight and go back to the main menu. I wonder how to reach out to the developer and raise awareness for those issues. For the record, I removed all mods except 3rd-party airports from MSFS and all those issues appear regardless. 


Message to mods: I posted this at 

, which seems to be dead now. IMO it's a support topic instead. I can't link the post here though...

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