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How to reinstall Microsoft Flight Simulator, Microsoft Store version

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this brief guide applies only to the Microsoft Store version.


1. If you intend to make a clean installation of your operating system, or you intend to install MSFS onto a new PC, this may help.


2. This guide assumes that the MSFS content has been installed on a drive other than the C drive, which will be wiped by a clean installation of Windows, or that you have transferred the drive (other than the C drive) containing the installation of MSFS into your new PC.


3.  Log in to the Xbox app, then assuming that you have logged on to your Microsoft account and if you have a new PC, that the PC is registered to that account, open the Microsoft Store. Both of these apps will have been installed by Windows 10.


4. Go to "My Library", select your version of MSFS and click on install. The game files will be downloaded, around 1.75GB at present.

MSFS will then start and in the same way that it carries out updates, it will invite you to download the content.


5. At this point, use the "browse" tab to navigate to the folder where your existing installation is and click on OK.


6. MSFS will display the "checking for updates" message but in fact, it is checking the integrity of the existing installation.


7. If the existing installation is in order, nothing further will be downloaded and MSFS will start and run.

The whole process, once the game files are downloaded, should take little more than two minutes.



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