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Edgley Optica instruments "freezing" during airfield circuit pattern work.

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First off, this is a NICE addon - congratulations!


I took it for an impromptu test flight last night, just Kick the Tires and Light the Fires!


I freely admit I was flying aggressive maneuvers in the pattern, just to see how it handles edge of envelope flight.


At least once the alt, vsi and speedo completely froze, though the sim and aircraft continued to fly normally. I was turning base to final and was able to bring it in for a visual landing no problem.


At some point on the rollout, the instruments started working again, so I throttled up and took it around the circuit again. 


After that, I noticed the same instruments had heavy "stutter", where they'd pause for a couple seconds and then catch up to where the aircraft was operating. Obviously made it very difficult to stay on flight profile, even when I was flying in a reasonable manner.


I will say i've never had another addon exhibit the same instrument freeze/stutter.


Not upset about it - it's just been released, after all.


Let me know if you need more info, otherwise, I'm happy to wait for the patch! :)

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Guest Ells

Thanks for reporting.


Do you have a flight plan of where you were flying or can you say the location of where this was; city, open scenery, Etc. As it sounds like visual lag to me.

Also what are you PC specs please?


I've not experienced this once in the many hours of development testing and need to understand what could trigger it.

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