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EA-7 Edgley Optica Flaps

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12 hours ago, Lawrence Hickerson said:

First landing in the plane and I could not slow her down to 50 kts with full flaps and braking.  Just went down the grassy runway and into the trees.  Am I missing something?


Are your controls set up corectly?  Might there have been some residual throttle even though your joystick throttle was at minimum?

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LOL!  The face to the left is me.  "Residual throttle"?  Since this is programming, I do doubt that they programmed it.  But, I could be wrong.  My first flight in a cub was 60 years ago.  Since then I have en


There is sensitivity to any applied application in this little bird.  Yoke and and peddles are good, but trim, flaps, brakes and power seems to be off.   I did not see a center mark on the trim wheel, so I had to look outside.  I assume take off is center trim, maybe a little up, and 1 step of flaps up.  Then take off at 50-60 knots.


Just did a flight from ORCAS Island and needed the whole runway to take off.   Could not stop the plane on landing in 500'.

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Guest Ells

This is the best approach to landing I have found:

Enter the pattern at 70-65knts

Flaps stage 1 downwind dropping down to around 65knts

Turn base letting the speed drop off and flaps stage 2 on final coming over threshold around 63-60knts (note stall speed)

Idle at threshold letting the aircraft touch down on the markers with very little flare (as long as you are trimmed).


Do not hand fly her down, trim trim trim all the way at every stage in the pattern and she will kiss the ground with almost hardly any flaring needed.

I'm pretty much hands off stick right until touch down (keeping an eye for wind gusts of course).


We have seen that for some reason the actual stall with full flaps is around 50knts even though the code is set to 59knts.

You can even touch down around 55knts comfortably, which is something we are talking to Asobo about.


Once down apply the brakes and she should comfortably come to a stop. I've not run off even the shortest of runways.


May I suggest you do the Biggin Hill landing challenge a few times to get the feel for her on patterns using the above.






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