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U.K. airports unflyable with low fps

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Just purchased EGNM, EGNT and EGLC, and while they look beautiful, was very disappointed to find that frames drop to below 15 FPS anywhere near the terminal, making departing one of these airports near impossible due to the lag. 

I have a high end system and usually get 30+ FPS anywhere else in xp11 Vulcan. How was performance not tested at these airports?

Are there any options to improve this or will there be light versions in the future?

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I assure you that performances were tested otherwise they would not have been released and the forum would be full of reports of them being unflyable.

The issue you are having will be related to not only the density of detail in the surrounding area f the airport but also on your settings.

One XP seeing does not act a a £fits al scenarios£ one unfortunately.

There are reports of fps loss at some terminals by some people. Searching the forum will show you some posts like this for EGNM in which you see that I show pics of 30+fps:

Here is a post about EGNT:


EGLC is surrounded by the most detailed and intense autogen and POIs outside of KLAX and does have a performance hit.

You will have fps hits and that de[ends on what your XP settings are, what plugins you may be running, what payware resource demanding plane you are flying, what screen resolution you use etc.

I just want to reemphasise that performance was tested by the beta testers and each tester has a different rig set up and runs different settings. The results are of course variable.

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