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AI Traffic at Orbx Old Warden EGTH

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whenever I want to fly around an area or fly to an airfield, I normally look at the airfields on the flight plan and around that destination and put some AI Traffic in some of them, just to show some aircraft in the skies at low-ish levels and to complicate landings and takeoffs for myself a little at my origin and destination - just a few GA aircraft doing touch-and-go's.


On some airfields there is not the necessary taxiway and/or parking spot provision to facilitate this.


I am well used to popping in to those airfield files using ADE and constructing the bare necessities to get AI working.


So, when I bought Orbx Old Warden at the weekend I created AI Traffic to touch-and-go there. None showed up. So I went in to ADE and did what I normally do - created the taxiways, runway and parking spots there to get the AI working, and it looks fine. Still no AI Working. So I have an airfield that looks very well, has loads of stationary aircraft there, but I am there on my own with no other traffic movement. It gets lonely...


This caused me some confusion - this methodology of mine normally works - so I have pored over the problem for some hours now, without seeing any problem with the work I have done on the airfield.


What I did find though, on the map within P3Dv3, was a second airfield called EGTH, Hatfeild Private (spelt that way). It is south of Luton and Panshanger, between Bovingdon and Brookmans Park VORs.


I am wondering if this airfield is causing my AI to go missing. Can anyone else see this airfield on their map? I cannot go to it in the sim, it doesn't come up as an option, it just appears on the map.


If anyone has any idea if this is actually the problem, or any solution to it, like renaming or deleting the second airfield, or even renaming Orbx Old Warden to EGT1 or the like, I would be very grateful.


I realise that the problem is not 100% concerning an Orbx product, but the Orbx product is certainly involved in my problem, and might be involved in any solution.







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Hatfield Aerodrome was the home of the de Havilland aircraft factory and closed in 1994.

In order to frustrate users of flight simulators, the ICAO code of EGTH was transferred to

Old Warden and it has been causing trouble ever since.

If your AI creation software is deriving its target from the P3D v3 database, then I would not

be surprised if your AI creations are now landing and taking off at the University or business park

that are now on the site of the original EGTH.

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thank you for that.


For the safety of all those innocents in the University and Business Park I suppose I should remove any AI traffic in or out of EGTH (Hatfield).


I will just practice Touch and Go's on my own at Old Warden - at least give the maintenance people there a reason to cut the grass and maintain the runway.





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