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Error "cannot download and save manifest"

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Today I started my sim ( p3d v4.5) when I recived an error stating that chaseplane cannot be initialized. I was redirected to Orbx central and found that the libraries need updating. when I choose update i recieve an ERROR "cannot download and save manisfest". My log file is attached. please help


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Hi, welcome to the forums


Is your antivirus getting in the way?

Also see the below from the user guide troubleshooting section.


Could not download and save the manifest

The most common cause of this is some form of software on your computer that interferes with your network connection (such as a strict firewall or proxy server). The manifest files are served from our infrastructure provider Google, therefore anything that may be preventing a secure connection being made to Google can cause this error.


You can disable the strict network security requirements used by manifest downloading by performing the following:



  • Make sure Orbx Central is not running

  • Right-click on your Orbx Central shortcut and press ‘Properties’

  • In the ‘Target:’ box, add strict-ssl false


  • Press OK

  • Start Orbx Central by double-clicking on that shortcut


Note: You may need to press ‘Open File Location’ on the icon in order to find the actual shortcut.

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