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Deleting Scenery in MSFS2020

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Hi Guys,

I recently purchased Key West Florida for MSFS2020, and now want to delete it and purchase the Orbx version .

I originally bought the sim through Steam . Where would I find that directory?


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During the Steam installation it may have asked you where you wanted to install MSFS2020, it certainly did for me and my version in not in the normal steam location.


If you did not change the default install path then find which drive steam is on then look for the following path, you should have something similar:


D:\Steam\steamapps\common\MSFS2020\Community  if purchased from outside the in game marketplace it will have installed to your Community folder


If purchased from the in game marketplace then:




But easier to, when in game go to Content Manager, find the scenery, click on it and then delete.

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