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Product Purchased via Orbx central showing as "not installed"

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Hello Orbx team.

Aroung new years time, I purchased LOWW airport via Orbx Central.. Everything went smooth and just fine, until the other day, when I was wandering around in the content manager and found out that the product that I bought was considered as "not installed". I was so confused because I had already played with that addon and I was sure that it worked. I like to keep everything clean and well organized both in my computer and also in the sim, and this situation has been bothering me a bit, cause sometimes I find myself trying to solve this with no success. Anyways I will attach 2 photos for you to take a look, and maybe try to help me :)

Also I would like to know if this addon, as its considered as "not installed", will have an impact on the world map when choosing the parking spots. What I mean by this is; will there be missing parking spots that exist on the scenery, but as it is labelled as "not installed" they will not show therefore I can never spawn or choose them? 


Thank you for your time,

Best regards,

Imlouis25 IMG_20210429_200429.thumb.jpg.4c0a967632043be85fcac4b0d707d0c7.jpg

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this anomaly was introduced by Asobo in the most recent world update,

possibly by mistake, or perhaps because they felt that third party developers'

support staff were under used.

There is nothing to be concerned about, if an addon product is truly

not installed, it does not appear in the Content Manager at all.

If it does appear there, even though it is marked as "Not installed" then

it is installed and will work as intended in the simulator.

It has never been possible to do anything with Third Party products not bought

at the Marketplace, in the Content Manager, except to view a list and in that respect,

nothing has changed.



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So nothing to worry about here? The parking spots will be displayed in world map as intended and everything will work fine right? Guess we will have to wait for asobo to fix this.. Thank you for such a quick answer, I trully appreciate it

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