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Volanta in x-Plane hangs at the end of flights


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Hi all, when running x-Plane 11 latest stable build in Vulkan mode Volanta often hangs towards the end of a flight. It is totally impossible to kill the session without rebooting the system. Also x-Plane must be shutdown the hard way resulting in corrupted files. I have tested to run x-Plane with only Volanta as plugin with the same result. It's a shame as it is an excellent piece of software. When it happens I can see the frozen map in Volanta with my aircraft approx 50 nm from the airport, even though I've landed. Running x-Plane in OpenGL mode seems to be more friendly together with Volanta. I have an i7-10700 CPU with 32 GB and a 24 GB RTX-3090 card.

Sorry if this has been asked and answered before! Thanks for any help!!

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