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Beach Life, Birds, Boats and AI Ships

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MSFS 2020 is turning out to be the best Flight Simulation program so far. But as a new platform it needs a lot of attention on building our world as close as possible to the the real thing. 


What I notice is that the wildlife is very limited to certain areas and very sparse, if Orbx or a 3rd party partner would work on adding sea birds or birds in general to there sceneries this would bring more "Pop" to the airport or scenery and make it feel more in touch with reality. (Real World Example: "For years DFW international airport has had a problem with Crows, they gather in the infield and along the grassy escarpments. endangering flights at certain hours and resorting to hiring ground personnel with sound emitters to frighten off the birds.") Birds in around the airports would be great, as in other Orbx products that have active scenery, this includes city scenery, when was the last time you ever drove by or flew over a land fill and not seen thousands of birds? or a Park with all those Pigeons? I mean cities need birds not just one or two, but flocks of pigeon’s and gull’s around the beach’s, parks, landfills, boat docks, and high rise buildings. 

Orbx has  "Flow" technologies, Could it be used  for the wildlife? This would be fantastic to have,  as you fly by the skyscrapers and see a flock of birds traveling by the buildings. Or them gathering by a park or lake. Then travel to the coast and encounter Seals and Sea Lions along piers and rocky out cropping's in many parts of the world. Birds are needed to make this hobby even better.



Beach life! Yes sir! this means swimsuits, families, parties, and just general life on the beach. When have anyone of us every gone to a beach resort or coastal area near a city or populated area and not seen people below enjoying life and having fun? There is only one scenery package that I know of with people on the beach for MSFS 2020 and that is the new "TNCM/TFFG Saint Martin by AIRWORTHY DESIGNS " and that's it! If there more around I have not found it. Humans on the beach and in the water are very much needed, Like in Orbx’s  “Block Island” scenery it shows people on the beaches, with large Sun Umbrellas and other assorted items. These are things needed in MSFS.  I do believe and truly hope that there is a market for "Living Coast Lines" I would invest even more if the sceneries had more life in them.



Boats and Ships:

Thank God! people are working and tackling this issue 1st the great freeware AI shipping by Henrik Nielsen and the fantastic Seafront item's and partner on Orbx, but it's a big world and there are a lot of places to park and float a ship or boat.  "Vessels Anguilla, St Martin and St Barts" and with the freeware item "Vessels Channel Islands" are fantastic scenery add on's and greatly made my time flying around these islands better. Franky I never simulated over the Channel Island until installing the the boat package and I look forward to see what they put out next. May I suggest "Hawaii? it really needs help!"


Then there is Henrik Nielsen he has made the shipping world come to life on all simulation platforms from FS2004 to FSX and P3D and now MSFS 2020 has really beautiful ships and routes with "Global AI Ship Traffic MSFS V1" it adds moving ships and traffic around the globe instead of the static ships that are with the default program. Henrik has stated that he his working on the known issues that the AI Ships needs, like enhanced long trailing wakes and smoke/steam from ships.


These are items, I hope the Orbx Team and there Partners will do...






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You make a good point David: To me, MSFS screenshots mostly look a bit artificial, with a perfect, clean surface but with the lack of life. I do not use that sim (yet), but it looks that way. All that NatureFlow would make a difference, naturally in combination with AI traffic on land, water and air.

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