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Texture conversion fails under Linux openSUSE Leap 15.2, Glibc-devel requirement cannot be satisfied

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I've purchased the scenery for the Balearic Islands. The installation seems to work fine until the texture conversion step. The log file reveals the following:


2021-03-27T17:38:07.764Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [ERROR] Failed to convert Custom Scenery\Orbx_C_EU_Spain_Balearic_TE_Orthos\textures\183f0x208c0x18.JPG

2021-03-27T17:38:07.764Z [INFO] [Saturn] - TeximpNet.TeximpException: Error loading unmanaged library from path: /tmp/.mount_orbx-cAZXEjg/saturn-linux/libnvtt.so
2021-03-27T17:38:07.764Z [INFO] [Saturn] - /lib64/libm.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.27' not found (required by /tmp/.mount_orbx-cAZXEjg/saturn-linux/libnvtt.so)


(many similar lines stripped)


This error message makes sense, since I am on openSUSE Linux Leap 15.2, which has Glibc 2.26. I don't have Glibc 2.27 for my platform, and Glibc is not an easy package to update. To be sure, I do have the package glibc-devel installed:



> rpm -q glibc-devel



For your information, I am using:



2021-03-27T16:01:39.991Z [INFO] [Main] - Orbx Central - 4.1.34
2021-03-27T16:01:39.991Z [INFO] [Main] - Linux 5.3.18-lp152.66-default



Is there any other way that I could carry out the texture conversion step in order to complete the installation? I develop software on Linux, so I know my way around, and have a few tools that could potentially make this easier (like docker or VMware). Thank you in advance!

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I am happy to report that I finally got Central running. I resorted to running a virtual machine with Ubuntu 20.04. I did experience repeated crashes of the worker process (the worker process being killed with SIGKILL) initially. Eventually those disappeared, I suspect because I increased the memory available to the virtual machine from 4GB to 16GB. Are there any minimum memory requirements to run Central?


Can I make a suggestion to the dev team? Would it perhaps be possible to package Orbx Central against an older reference distribution? I don't know whether it's possible to influence what AppImage does, and how easy that is, but it would make it possible to deploy Orbx Central even wider. But that's just my 2 cents.


But in the end I have your beautiful scenery up and running in X-Plane! Thank you for a fantastic product! All the best! Kind regards, Edward.

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