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Moving library to other drive

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Page 20 onwards deals with how to move a Library


Moving a library to another location:

Moving a library is painless with Central and can be achieved in a few steps only: 1. Go to Settings > Libraries. 2. Note the directory of the library you’d like to move. 3. Remove the library that you would like to move (remember: this doesn’t delete the actual files). 4. Close Central by right-clicking on the tray and selecting “quit”. 5. Move the directory to the new location in your operating system. This step may take a while depending on your disk speed. 6. Start Central again 7. Open Settings, and then the Libraries page 8. Press ‘Create New Library’ 9. Select the new library location, give it a name and then press ‘Save’. Central will automatically scan the library for installed products, and then configure your simulators appropriately. Unquote


Central User Guide.pdf

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