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LGKO Kos not completely installed

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After installing LGKO it did not appear in MSFS. Other airports (EDDT, EGPN, KBUR) all installed correctly and are available and working. On investigation it appears that the installation did not put all files in the community folder



I have uninstalled and reinstalled several time, verified files etc but no resolution.


I logged a support task with Gaya and they suggested Orbx as the first step


Any help would be appreciated

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Can you please tell me the size of the LGKO folder you have.

It should be showing Size on Disk:


335 files

6 folders

Please confirm.

I would recommend you uninstall via Orbx Central, reboot PC and then try another install.

Report back.

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Your file sizes look fine and the initial pic of your Kos files in the Community folder look fine also.

I suggest that you delete your  Content.xml and let it rebuild a new one when you next run MSFS

The file is is in Packages/local cache/



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