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Sydney scenery FPS Stutter

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Recently after the sim update in March I have noticed that the scenery for Sydney by Orbx city scape is affecting performance and stuttering around the oil refinery. Near 34R, 34L. Either on approach or departure. The FPS drops hard and begins stuttering. I have tried reinstalling both Cityscape and fly Tampa Sydney. Noticed it does not happen when either scenery is uninstalled. I have not experienced this issue in the past as I do fly in the particular spots quite often. If anyone canhelp inform me further in regards to this issue please let me know. I have also heard others are experiencing this.



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On 3/18/2021 at 8:42 PM, Nick Cooper said:


before any further diagnosis, I think that we will need to wait for action from Asobo

in response to this:



Yeah no worries Nick, just curious to why when I uninstalled both products, I did not experience the issue. Could it be the scenery by flytampa and Orbx's compatibility with the new sim update? I will update you if I see anything further. Appreciate it 

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