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Moving Library to New Drive Clarification Question

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I am planning to move my Orbx library to a new drive and had a couple of questions regarding the move instructions. My current library is c:\users\owner\Orbx library and contains the subfolders p3dv4, p3dv5 and xp11. 


1. Step 5 says "Create a new and empty directory in the new location." I am moving my library to drive e. Would the directory I create be e:\users\owner\Orbx library or should I also create the 3 subdirectories as well?

2. Step 9 says "Select the new library location, give it a name and then press 'Save'. Is the new library location e:\users\owner\Orbx library and the name I give it is "Orbx library"?


Thanks for your help. 






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1. it is absolutely not necessary to give your new Library a long path.

Ideally, the name should reflect the purpose of the folder for ease

of use but it can be named anything at all that Windows will accept.

The obvious might be Orbx Central Library, so the path would be

E:\Orbx Central Library.


2. The name that you give the library in Orbx Central is also entirely

your choice and it is just a name and only appears in Orbx Central.

You can edit it any time you like.



Once you have created E:\Orbx Central Library, move only the three folders,

p3dv4, p3dv5 and xp11, you must not disturb their contents or Orbx Central

will no longer recognise them.

Once done you will have

E:\Orbx Central Library\p3dv4

E:\Orbx Central Library\p3dv5

E:\Orbx Central Library\xp11

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