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Orbx ESMS Jetways?

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It is coming.

It is not added as the SDK has not allowed that type of jetway to operate as a normal moving gate. As the gate is not moving on all axis as the typical gate MSFS has not had any support for it. Luckily it seems like we've found a way around that limiation and we are working on implementing that now, even though the SDK still does not have a support for that feature.


So yes, it is coming, it just hasn't been in our control to be able to add that.




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On 2/18/2021 at 1:12 PM, kaese5128 said:

Thx for your answer. I'm happy to hear. I love your stuff.




9 hours ago, Manuel Bigot said:

I'm happy also read that's .... an update are in the pipeline for  solve the little problem on this scenery ! 

Thanks guys,

This goes for ESGG as well for that matter by the way.


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