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Crash to desktop when loading into Orbx LOWI

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Today I started up fs 2020 and was up to loading into Orbx LOWI, in the last part of the loading a message showed up: Microsoft Flight simulator.exe doesn't work. I also tried to load in with another aircraft, didn't work. It worked with all the other airports or loading into the default LOWI also worked. Does someone know how to solve this?

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welcome to the forums.


There is a problem, introduced last Thursday, that affects all addon airports and scenery products that include a .cgl photo insert, as does this one.
The problem is identified and affects all addon airports and scenery by any developer that include one or more of these files.
Is is the result of something having been changed in Bing Data and over which no addon developer has control.
Renaming the .cgl file to .cgX will provide a temporary fix until the problem is rectified by Asobo.
In this case, the file is Community\orbx-airport-lowi-innsbruck\CGL\120\sai230.cgl
As this file is a photo insert, the LOWI ground that it covers might look a little different but you will be able to use the product.
We must wait for Asobo to make more changes so that this no longer happens.
There is a very long topic on the FS forum on the subject.

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